The port and the ancient papyri

papyriA team of French and Egyptian archaeologists found traces of the ancient trading port, 180 kilometers south of Suez. Port functioned during the reign of the pharaoh of the 4th Dynasty of Cheops – about 2580 years. BC According to archaeologists, the port played an important role at the time. Through him, the trade routes by which imported copper and precious minerals.

Collection of stone anchors was also found by scientists. In addition, another unique find are 40 papyri found during the excavations. They will help you learn more about the lives of ancient Egyptians at the end of the reign of Pharaoh Khufu. In particular, they provide monthly reports on how many workers were employed at the port.


According to the Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim of Egypt, it is the most ancient papyri found in Egypt. The papyri were sent to the Museum of Suez for further study.


Excavations have also found 30 caves and stone blocks that covered the entrance to the cave. In addition, there were found the remains of ship ropes, stone tools for cutting them and wood fragments.

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