The main mystery of the Earth is covered

Life of Earth The natural phenomenon which was discovered off the coast of Antarctica, and has been called “icicle of death” may have marked the beginning of life on Earth. To such conclusion, the group of experts who have studied the chemical composition of ice stalactites.

Thus they questioned the old theory of the origin of life on our planet, according to which it was born in the warm tropical seas. Ice stalactites called ‘icicle of death’ as reaching the base of the sea, they form a web of ice that kills all living things.

Icicles, as established professionals, there are over a very short period of time – just a few days. Experts believe that these formations are the so-called chemical gardens, which are composed of frozen seawater. Ice stalactite formed when cold streams of water from the surface of the ice breaking through the crust and get into a warm marine environment. These streams capture the nearby water and converted them into ice. The result is a kind of tube icing that reach the base. Origin of life on the World, as more scholars propose, took place in a warm situation such as that which can be observed in hydrothermal vents. But now there is another theory that the conditions for the appearance of the first forms of life can be seen on the sea floor “- Daily Mail quoted the findings of scientists. Ice stalactites, according to experts, may also be formed in the oceans of other planets. In particular, the satellites of Jupiter Ganymede and Callisto. Existence of ice stalactites was known in 1960. In November 2011, a group of British scientists were able to film them on video and produce a documentary.

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