The Egyptians began using the pyramid as cemeteries

pyramidArchaeologists fear for the greatest monuments and one of the “seven wonders of the world” – the Egyptian pyramids. The fact that the Egyptians began to bury their dead in the ancient land of the Pharaohs.

At 25 miles from Cairo is Manshiet Dahshur village, whose inhabitants have recently expanded the boundaries of the cemetery.  For most of them, this decision seems quite logical.


“In the old cemetery there are no more places – said the carpenter Ahmed, came to visit the grave of his cousin. – A new site for this purpose is not identified. But we need a place to bury our dead.”

The reasoning of Egyptians is reasonable, but there is one problem: newer graves are dangerously close to the greatest monuments, in particular from the Pharaonic necropolis of Dahshur.  This area should be protected, but in January of this year in the wilderness, there were more than a thousand illegal burials.

A similar situation is observed near the North or the Red Pyramid, second in size only to the Great Pyramid at Giza, and the Black Pyramid.

“People are born and die here, so they have a right to be buried on their land,” – says the clerk Rabu Dabus praying in the mosque, located next to the cemetery.

Archaeologists are trying to challenge such statements alluding to the fact that some of the Egyptians, to cover the story of the graves, crank up the dark matter – engage in looting.

“People really need a place to bury their family members. But with thousands of graves of the cemetery is the perfect cover for illegal excavation. What is happening now in Egypt, like crazy” – resents archaeologist Mohamed Youssef.

With his words and agree local Ramadan al-Quota inspecting the areas near the pyramids: “They (the looters) are using new graves to hide the race of their activities.”

British archaeologist and director Nigel Hetherington believes that the situation – one of the symptoms of deterioration of law and order that emerged after the fall of the Mubarak regime.

“After the revolution, the police no longer follow the illegal constructions, appearing next to the pyramids. An inspector is afraid to start their own investigations, mindful of their colleagues injured by looters in December” – explains the director of the British newspaper journalist.

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