The body of the famous Atacama humanoid contains a nonhuman DNA

26 Apr

AlienA strange fact – if in the Russian media exaggerated reports that studies have found human DNA, the Western media, which actually carried out the examination, which revealed a non-human DNA.

It’s small, like an alien creature was found in the Atacama desert a few years ago. His height is about fifteen centimeters.

It was sold to Ramon Navia Osorio, a wealthy businessman from Barcelona, who runs the Spanish Institute exobiological Research – UFO organization, founded in 1975. Ramon Navia Osorio did everything in his power to have investigated the find reputable scientists and physicians with a good reputation, even though many of them did not want to be drawn into the story, and in particular that their names were in the report with the findings.

Dr. Etkseberria wrote that it was “mummified body with all the typical characteristics of the embryo. The body has a length of 14 centimeters and shows signs of normal bodily structures – head, torso and extremities. ” He then describes in detail the monitoring body.

But the most interesting findings brought the DNA test, which showed that the DNA being quite similar to humans. What’s more – it is not like any other genetic material being known to date. Plus, the bone structure is not like being on the bone structure of the earthly man.

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