Scientists have uncovered the mystery mummy “alien”

mummy alienChile 10 years ago and his appearance inspires many UFO researchers hope to prove that aliens exist, in fact, was a man. To such conclusion the American scientists, the analysis of DNA.

Mummyalien” found in October 2003, Chilean Oscar Munoz, who wandered in search of artifacts in the ghost town of La Noria in the Atacama Desert.  Not far from the ruined church he found a bundle of white cloth.  In the matter was wrapped humanoid creature measuring just 15 inches from the feet to the tops.  He had a solid teeth, bulging head, and unlike a normal person, just nine pairs of ribs, wrote Diario UNO .  Being immediately was named “Humanoid Atacama.”


In addition to the mystical version of that is the skeleton of an alien has been suggested that this baby monkey or a human embryo.  The latter, as it turned out, was the closest to the truth.  Six months ago, in connection with the shooting of the documentary “Sirius” his producer and part-time UFO researcher Steven Greer turned to professionals with a request to clarify the origin of the anomalous skeleton.  For six months he has explored the staff at Stanford University in California.  They made him an x-ray and CT scan, but the final results of the DNA analysis have helped to achieve.  “We’ve taken a great sample of DNA from bone marrow in the ribs mummy” – said Greer.

As a result, the research team concluded that the Chilean discovery represents “an interesting mutation of a male person who has died at the age of 6-8 years.”  “I can say with confidence that this is not a monkey. This is a real person who was breathing, eating, digesting food. The only question that remains open – it can be any size at birth” – said geneticist at Stanford University, Harry Nolan .  The researchers also noted when the creature lived.

Previously, scientists have denied discovery of the remains of other anomalous – Millennial skull “alien” found in a Mexican village.  Greatly elongated and flattened skull like being in the same film by Ridley Scott, was in fact a human.  Archaeologists have explained that the skull was subjected to artificial deformation, which was used in the Meso American cultures to distinguish the different social groups or for ritual purposes

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