Scientists have calculated the age of the planet Saturn

02 Apr

PlanetNASA Cassini found the real age of the rings of Saturn. According to the new data, the rings of Saturn for four billion years, which corresponds to the age of the solar system, according to Zman.

Scientists believe that a more detailed analysis of the composition of Saturn’s rings may “shed light” on the formation and evolution of the solar system as well as the matter of Saturn’s rings is identical to the one that was involved in the formation of the other planets.

Previously, the images captured by an interplanetary probe, were found strange moving objects near the rings of Saturn. Since the probe is received more than 20 thousand photos, studying which the researchers assumed that the gravitational field of Saturn’s moon Prometheus initiates the formation of ice chunks that are moving at a low speed (6.4 km / h), penetrate the F ring of Saturn, causing it to deformation and leaving a long trail of ice.

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