How to recognize the energy vampire?

vampireEnergy vampires, it turns out, are not only in the plots of fairy tales. They exist in the real world. How to recognize a vampire and saved from its negative effects?

Energy vampires among us quite a lot, so to meet the man, energize others, can be done anywhere. After talking with him, we feel malaise, fatigue, and even impotence. It is simple vampire breaches in the energy field.

We often meet people who need the energy supply, which is why they brought us their constant nagging.How to recognize a “thief of energy”? It may be, for example, your neighbor who is constantly forgiving you for help. Some people try to call a frank conversation, and when they get their way, they begin to “sympathize” sucking the life force drops.

There are energy vampires that evoke sympathy for opponents, complaining of their own destiny and bad evolving life. There are situations where a vampire, looking for “victim”, is faced with a man like themselves. In such cases, they are both trying to draw attention to the person. But they desired, as a rule, do not get, so that their communication is disappearing.

If married couples in which the husband and wife are constantly swearing or perhaps fighting. They may accuse each other of all mortal sins, which in fact did not commit. These people are most likely both are active donors. They are full of energy, so they have to constantly pour out of her. Scandals and fights occur in these families because they both want to lose their energy and nourishment they need.

If the energy vampires in life meet an active donor, then these people can develop a great couple. One person will enjoy the energy fed a partner who will gladly relieve it. If a surplus of vitality you have not, then you need to learn how to safeguard themselves from the attacks of energy vampires.

Try to remain calm if someone provokes you to the scandal. If your work team is a man who constantly complains about his fate, then to the possible contact with him to a minimum. If you are haunted by trouble, do not share it with strangers, trying to arouse their sympathy.

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