Greatest unsolved mysteries( Haitian Voodoo)

18 Apr

VoodooHaitian Voodoo is a type of religion that originated in the Caribbean on the island, known as the “Hispaniola“.

In the 16th century, many slaves were brought from Africa to the island.  Many of these slaves came from West Africa.  These people professed a unique religion, which consisted of various faiths and several unique methods.  When the slaves brought to Haiti, the new owners were forced to take their local religion, namely Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church.  The slaves wanted to practice their own religion, so they mixed some aspects of the religion imposed on them with elements of their own religion, thus creating a “Haitian Voodoo.”

Haitian voodoo religion involves different beliefs.  First of all, in this religion, there are many individual gods are worshiped.  It is believed that they are all parts of a whole – the great God.  The greatest of all gods called “Bondye”. People who practice this religion are also carried out an act of worship to their ancestors at the highest level. Among those who practice voodoo, there are those who practice magic, and that magic is evil. Therefore, many practices include Voodoo a protection against various forms of magic.

Haitian Voodoo religion attracts the attention of many people.  It is considered very mysterious religion.  Many people associate the religion with Satanism because of the various mystical rituals, including the ritual with a voodoo doll.  Many mysteries surrounding this religion, belongs to the so-called hoodoos witchcraft, which is a type of folk magic.

There are many different beliefs, rites, rituals and magical elements associated with the religion of Voodoo.  Many people simply do not know or do not understand certain aspects of the religion, so assume that all the components are the voodoo religion dark mystery and evil.  As a result of these misunderstandings, people who practice this religion, have created a document that allows a person to understand the practice of the religion.  This document is called “Kosanba”.  Despite attempts to clarify that religion, this form of voodoo is still one of the most mysterious.

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