Found in ancient Mayan buildings

Mayan buildingsMysterious Indians were able to build the pyramids earlier than scientists thought.  Famous stone buildings of the Maya, including the pyramids, were older than previously thought.  This is the conclusion the American scientists who conducted the excavations in Guatemala, writes The New Scientist.

In the central part of the country is the ancient Mayan city Seibal where archaeologists found a small pyramid and several large platforms (ceremonial structures).  Apparently, these buildings were part of a solar observatory.  The pyramid was built around 850 BC, as shown by analysis of the hydrocarbon, and the long platform at the base of the temple, was built around 1000 BC  This means that it is older than the other ancient Maya sites by as much as 200 years.

Opening of archaeologists from the University of Arizona, also refutes previous theory that the Maya borrowed their culture from the Olmec, another ancient people, who dominated Mesoamerica before them.  The Olmecs started to build the pyramid, only about 800 BC, in particular, at the time was built by the famous Olmec city of La Venta, Mexico.  In other words, the Maya themselves or have mastered the technique of building the pyramids, or borrowed it from another, even more ancient people.

“The debate about the identity of the Mayan culture been a long time. Now we can say with confidence that either the Mayan civilization is distinctive and unique, or is the result of cross-cultural exchange. However, in no case, cannot say that everything created within it borrowed from the Olmec” – said Professor Takeshi Inomata of the University of Arizona.

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