Found in ancient Mayan buildings

Mayan buildingsMysterious Indians were able to build the pyramids earlier than scientists thought.  Famous stone buildings of the Maya, including the pyramids, were older than previously thought.  This is the conclusion the American scientists who conducted the excavations in Guatemala, writes The New Scientist.

In the central part of the country is the ancient Mayan city Seibal where archaeologists found a small pyramid and several large platforms (ceremonial structures).  Continue reading “Found in ancient Mayan buildings”

A woman’s brain never rests

Human BrainScientists have found that women are more prone to dementia and depression than men.  This is due to the differences in the unit of the brain.  It was found that in terms of the male brain is 8-10% higher than the female, but the latter never rests.  He is active even when the woman is sleeping.

Experts say that men and women react differently to the disease.  The females are more sensitive to pain.  The fact that their emotional response to pain, therefore causing more suffering. Continue reading “A woman’s brain never rests”

The Egyptians began using the pyramid as cemeteries

pyramidArchaeologists fear for the greatest monuments and one of the “seven wonders of the world” – the Egyptian pyramids. The fact that the Egyptians began to bury their dead in the ancient land of the Pharaohs.

At 25 miles from Cairo is Manshiet Dahshur village, whose inhabitants have recently expanded the boundaries of the cemetery.  For most of them, this decision seems quite logical.

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How to recognize the energy vampire?

vampireEnergy vampires, it turns out, are not only in the plots of fairy tales. They exist in the real world. How to recognize a vampire and saved from its negative effects?

Energy vampires among us quite a lot, so to meet the man, energize others, can be done anywhere. After talking with him, we feel malaise, fatigue, and even impotence. It is simple vampire breaches in the energy field.

We often meet people who need the energy supply, which is why they brought us their constant nagging. Continue reading “How to recognize the energy vampire?”

The main mystery of the Earth is covered

Life of Earth The natural phenomenon which was discovered off the coast of Antarctica, and has been called “icicle of death” may have marked the beginning of life on Earth. To such conclusion, the group of experts who have studied the chemical composition of ice stalactites.

Thus they questioned the old theory of the origin of life on our planet, according to which it was born in the warm tropical seas. Ice stalactites called ‘icicle of death’ as reaching the base of the sea, they form a web of ice that kills all living things. Continue reading “The main mystery of the Earth is covered”

Origin of life-And a man came out of the water

History of lifeNumerous data accumulated in anthropology, suggests that human ancestors were living in the water. And today people have kept at least at the initial stage of its development, the evidence speaks for “water” ancestors of mankind.

Prior to his birth nine months a child spends in the amniotic fluid. And in the first weeks of pregnancy the fetus has gill slits and a tail. Sometimes newborn children have a serious disease, ichthyoids, and the observed changes in the skin, and the skin of infants in structure resembles fish scales.

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Iron mysteries of the Great Past

mysteries metalDuring the archaeological excavations, mining works, sometimes just by chance in the strata of the earth are the items that baffled not only the miners, but also scientists and researchers.

They are called fossil unidentified objects (NCI), or artifacts. Typically, NIO consist of one or another metal. A puzzle blocked – that they occur in the rock layers historically coincides with the time when the world in principle could not only be treated, but simply any one  smelted metal.

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The body of the famous Atacama humanoid contains a nonhuman DNA

AlienA strange fact – if in the Russian media exaggerated reports that studies have found human DNA, the Western media, which actually carried out the examination, which revealed a non-human DNA.

It’s small, like an alien creature was found in the Atacama desert a few years ago. His height is about fifteen centimeters.

It was sold to Ramon Navia Osorio, a wealthy businessman from Barcelona, who runs the Spanish Institute exobiological Research – UFO organization, founded in 1975. Continue reading “The body of the famous Atacama humanoid contains a nonhuman DNA”

USA free a new hundred dollar bill

hundred dollarThe financial power of the United States introduced into circulation a new 100-dollar bill. She lost the once traditional green and acquired new forms of protection. The new bill was supposed to appear as early as 2010.

The new 100 dollar banknote in circulation from October 8, 2013. Owners of old-style banknotes can not worry: they will remain in circulation, they do not need to be exchanged for new ones, to recall them too, no one is going. Continue reading “USA free a new hundred dollar bill”

Scientists have uncovered the mystery mummy “alien”

mummy alienChile 10 years ago and his appearance inspires many UFO researchers hope to prove that aliens exist, in fact, was a man. To such conclusion the American scientists, the analysis of DNA.

Mummyalien” found in October 2003, Chilean Oscar Munoz, who wandered in search of artifacts in the ghost town of La Noria in the Atacama Desert.  Not far from the ruined church he found a bundle of white cloth.  In the matter was wrapped humanoid creature measuring just 15 inches from the feet to the tops.  He had a solid teeth, bulging head, and unlike a normal person, just nine pairs of ribs, wrote Diario UNO .  Being immediately was named “Humanoid Atacama.”

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