Women are better intelligent to pick up after smoking

12 Mar

smokingNew science knows that the people, who have given up smoking cigarettes, can get better their health and to enter the data that are specific to non-smokers. This is indicated by the results of long-term explanation of scientists. But, in fact, this subject is not so simple.

If you separate the people who have stopped smoking, into two groups based on gender, it is clear that women go out on health rights in about 10 years. And legislative body of a strong half of mankind require twice as much time.

So far it is not clear exactly what is behind the rule. Probably, the female body is restored soon. Although it is possible that men are just more smoke. Or smoke a heavy cigarette. In any case, in order to calculate the general term recovery will require a lot of parameters. Science does not have this capability. It is very individual. Some people need only 5 years, and some will not at all return to their previous state of health.

It should be noted that smoking is on the first place in the midst of the factors that increase the risk of cancer.

In order to reinstate the heart, a former smoker takes about 20 years. If a smoker gives up his habit, then each 10 years of smoking increase the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system by 60 percent.

As for alcohol, the situation is wrong way up. Male bodies recover quicker after prolonged alcohol abuse. In particular this apply to the reproductive function.

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