Why would the aliens our land?

the aliens  The residents of the Ryazan region Ermisch this incredible event has become a sensation. A couple of weeks ago on the field were found two knows how to form the “pit” right cylindrical. Nothing of the sort here he has never seen before.

Gawk at the strange discovery shaft threw the people of the village as well as surrounding villages. From next door summer camp teachers led the kids on the tour. Ermishintsy themselves agree that the mysterious hole in the field – not only as the machinations of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. The point was, it is said so. Machine-SPK “Hope” mowed clover. One of them, Victor Fedotkin, glanced to the side and was stunned: wing mower hung over the failure of a diameter of about 2 meters. Stopped for a moment, he managed to warn about the dangers of running mate, the tractor is moving straight to the hole on the course. Then Viktor recalled that looked no accident – he felt a “strange attraction”. Seen men greatly puzzled. On the ground like a barrel hammered meter and a half. It was hammered, because next to the hole – no emissions of soil! Also no traces of clover for tens of meters around untouched. What the hell? But the surprises did not end with this. Two days later, when the pit of many already knew, at the bottom of it, in the most Seredka appeared … another. Pit someone continued to “develop.” “Downstairs” is a triangle with rounded corners, taper, tapering, stretching to a depth of 1.8 meters. Again, not around a trace. The correspondent of a local newspaper Dima Doronin on a motorcycle rushing to the scene. Before him, eight kilometers. At the very birch funnel stuck – not who accidentally fell. Near all had a good trample down. But the walls of the pit are still smooth, cut like a knife, and soil layers are clearly visible. Go down inside. Feels good. Watch – “indicator” anomalous phenomena – go as usual. As if there is something hollow driven and earth removed, – said Dima. – But who gave up a ton of soil? Well this is how much energy is needed or weight! If the batter – ringing would stand throughout the district. And no one is going to bed, or in spirit The nearest village – a dying village Petina-Glinkovo – a kilometer. Chairman of the SEC “Hope” Fadin Sergey I found conducting briefing. Hot time, concerns a mouthful – just another “anomalschiny” was lacking. How do I know we have come to the field with the deputy head of the district administration, Anatoly Karpov, – says Sergey V.. – They saw the place, scratched his head – no conclusion did not come. I have been working here for 14 years and for the first time in this encounter. And like the old-timers can not remember. And how well come from? My opinion – do not these people have done well. And do not feel sorry for the aliens native land, then they steal? Of course, I’m sorry! If this goes on, there will be no piece of land. All currently stressed. A leading expert on environmental area Sergei Charykov make measurements of background radiation in the first well. As shown by the dosimeter, a background in it a little higher than on the surface: 14 – 18 units (in different places pit readings differ) against 10 on the field. But does not exceed the allowed rate. All is strange, it’s – shrugs Sergey. – It’s like a powerful machine down. Shovel, it is impossible to dig such holes. No lump of land near … Chief of Staff of the local civil defense Rdyukov Constantine suggested that the field could fall special target, which the rope is tied to the aircraft during training gunners. But he also questioned: How to two targets to fall? Who picked them? And what happened to the land? Need to invite scientists with instruments measure the density of the soil. I spoke with some mysterious phenomenon associated with the proximity of the famous narrow-Arzamas-16, the center’s nuclear development. It has long been noted (for them, it is clear certainty) that such objects are attracted keen interest in UFO’s and have, say, a control sample of soil. There is also a theory that the anomalous zone width of about 40 km, extending from the Tver region to the south. Among other things it supposedly captured Sasovo, Kadomsky and Ermishinsky areas. The employee Ermishinskoy administration insisted that the eyes could see the sunset over the street of the village appeared red, glowing ball the size of the sun. Hanged, shot two beams to the ground and disappeared. But Sergei Fadin told the story, happened to him eight years ago. Late in the evening, he made the rounds of the field management. The car broke down, and he went with a driver for spare parts. On the way back to “ZIL” suddenly died. And then came the ball with a bluish tinge, like boiling inside something behind – a spiral tail. The ball flew quickly and quietly changing the trajectory. The village dogs howl. And soon the ball disappeared behind the forest.

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