Why do dogs and wolves howl at the moon?

dogs and wolves howlThe effect of gravity of the moon and the sun on our planet known. The strength of their influence is that every day is the ebb and flow. On land, this effect does not occur, because it is hard. However, even the land changes its spatial position, raising towards disturbing luminaries crust tectonic plates.

But since the whole pripodymaetsya layer evenly, we did not notice. And if the forces of gravity influences of the moon and the sun are so great and obvious that they make to move billions of tons of water in the ocean at high tide, then why are these forces can affect a grain of sand as a man or a dog?

Of course, they can. In mystical films and books are often associated with the Moon something mysterious and unknown. According to mystical tradition, the full moon – this time, werewolves, vampires and witches. Why is it so there were legends in this interpretation of the influence of the moon? And the answer is you can find quite a scientific point of view. Many noticed that sometimes it is hard to fall asleep in the complete moon phase, and at the equal time be asleep “like a log” in the fresh moon stage.

Why wolves and dogs howl at night to the moon? Perhaps, the solution of these two questions is the same reason. Statistics observed that in May and June last thing I want to sleep, and in November and December the most. Why? After the oxygen saturation of the air, thanks to which man is better poured, more in the winter months, but not in summer. A case in the altitude of the sun above the horizon. In the summer months it is almost entirely affects northern hemisphere and in the winter – the South.

Human sleep cycles consist of sleeping habits at night and stay awake during the day. Due to this habit, which set our Biorhythms, our dream is entirely dependent on a stable cycling of the day and night. And the absolute stability is just not. We wake up when the sun just above the horizon pripodymaetsya the east. In the summer months it is early.

Our body is feeling and stimulates early awakening. And the sunlight nothing to do with. You can sleep in a completely dark room and still feel the sunrise. In the winter months the sun rise late and long delayed.

We have to get up for work on the alarm clock, but your body is not happy, and in these times we walk sleepily. In addition, the height of the sun above the horizon is very low and the state of the whole day is equivalent to that which is after 7:00 pm in the summer. But that’s not all. The Moon force exerted even a little more, and not because it is closer to us, so that the ratio of weight / distance it a little more as compared to the Sun.

If the attacking phase of the new moon, in these days of the gravitational force of the moon and sun exposure is summarized and even in winter sleep is marked fairly stable. People tend to get enough sleep. But in the full moon phase, when the Moon opposes the Sun, gravitational forces act against each other, and almost extinguished.

The human body these days feels weak position of the sun above the horizon, and so many in those days comes insomnia. And animals are more susceptible than men, and they act as a catalyst Moon vigor. Therefore, in such a night animals often do not sleep.

Their brain does not rest and they become aggressive. Well, if anyone, still be interested in the details – why dogs and wolves howling at the moon? – I can offer an explanation. If someone watched a total solar eclipse, he knows that at this moment there with the animals – cows mooing, dogs howl, etc.

But the cows mooing only when they see the sun suddenly something closed. Fear of something unknown, life-threatening, forcing them to express their emotions. At night, the cow in the stall and see no moon.

┬áBut dogs and wolves in the street and on a clear night watching the full moon. Seeing dogs and wolves cannot distinguish colors – it is black and white. Therefore, when a dog or wolves in a full moon do not sleep for reasons addiction to sleep or insomnia, they are paying attention to the moon; begin to interpret it by analogy with the Sun.

But the light in the area of the moon is dimmer and moments like a solar eclipse. It scares the animals and so they howl just as well as during a solar eclipse. Like us, animals and plants feel the position of our main light? What is responsible for this feeling? We feel this is due to one of their senses, which is responsible for our orientation, relative to the force of gravity. Plants always grow against her, from the time of seed germination. Animals and people, due to it can keep your body in balance.

For us, the force of gravity, of course, many times greater than the gravitational influence of the moon and the sun, so we are not so clearly responding to the influence the latter, simply emotion their shock on the stage of those areas of the cortex, which is thin and sensitive to any changes in our perceptual . These effects are particularly evident when the body is not active and is in a state of sleep.

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