When the brain works most effectively?

BrainThe University of Montreal setup that the human brain begins to work more efficiently and effectively after the age of 55 years.

Such a conclusion the researchers did, conducted a series of tests with different people of different ages.

It turned out that people whose age ranges from 55 to 75 years, in the solution of complex problems in the brain is so-called. Special regime – in a difficult situation returns to the starting point and works very accurately. Thus, when an elderly person analyzes the problem, he has this process is more accurate, and usually, the solution is faster.

The brain as young people, on the contrary, to find a way out of a difficult situation begins to sort through all the possible options, which often leads to confusion in the mind.

According to the research manager Uri Monchy, the human brain at the age of 55-75 years of experience so as to preserve as much of their energy and direct it precisely to address emerging problems.

From this, scientists and concluded that it was from when the person 55 years of age the human brain begins to work more efficiently, and it is from this age to the person starts to come wisdom


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