Solar panels energy independence

10 Mar

Solar SystemEnergy highly body – a phenomenon that is actively interested minds throughout their own existence. In addition to heat and light their homes, people have tried different ways of heating food or water, make fire.

In this crazy world, the rapid developments of nano-technology are increasingly investigating the use of solar energy in different areas of life, people’s activities. For example, the range of devices that provide the ability to convert sunlight into solar systems and energy, solar panels are increasingly used wherever possible. To heat a home or office, water heating and for electricity on the spacecraft.

A huge number of companies interested in the production of automotive vehicles, which are equipped with engines running on other fuels, and the energy that can be converted from solar energy using solar cells.

Recently, very popular with customers use so called “solntsemobili” which use solar panels . These studies are carried out from the middle of the last century and to the present time received tremendous results. Solntsemobili have no internal combustion engines and electric motors, charging that use photo-electrical panel, located on the roof of the car. By a beam of sunlight charges the battery during the movement of the car. As of this time, this development is highly relevant, since the use of these technologies can guarantee complete security for our environment.

Cars with the engines running on solar energy, has an unusual elongated. This is needed to be placed on the roof panels, converting solar energy into electricity. Just as importantly, that such a car was easy and then its solar panels, batteries and electric motor will show the best results for the specifications.

Another advantage of using solar energy is the fact that the source of this energy in principle unlimited, that is, the sunlight is almost inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels. At night and in the evening, as well as on cloudy days, the engine of this car is powered by electricity. Developments are under way to create so-called collectors can collect and store solar energy. All these factors help save electricity.

Photovoltaic systems are the basis for solar cells. Taken separately solar cell is usually small in size and produces about 1.2 watts of electricity. To increase the production of electricity solar cells are combined into larger units, which are called solar modules. Modules, in turn, combine the battery. Thus, you can build almost any photovoltaic system power requirements.

Photovoltaic systems can be divided into two main categories: flat solar panels and collectors with a hub. PV modules and batteries, by themselves, are not yet photovoltaic system. To create a full system needs frame modules and equipment for converting DC to AC. May also need batteries to store electricity generated.

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