Huge lightning over China

02 Mar

 lightningThe journal Chinese Science Bulletin and its summary can be found in the edition of the Daily Mail.

Secure the discharge managed through the use of pre-defined camera with an infrared channel, the direction of which was corrected in real time by means of an international system of monitoring the electrical activity of WWLLN.

According to scientists, the upper limit of discharge was 89 kilometers above the ground, and the bottom was at 52 miles. His energy scientists estimated at several million mega joules. According to the researchers, the lightning had several dozen pendant electric charges from the zone of storm clouds directly in the earth’s ionosphere. After discharge, scientists have observed a few flashes (sprites), separated by an average four-minute break.

Giant lightning described in, refers to a rare type of electrical discharges that, in contrast to conventional lightning, storm clouds are over, and not within or under them. By the same type are sprites, blue jets and lights, designated acronym ELVES. All sightings of giant lightning previously assigned to the equatorial regions. China lightning is the most northern of them.

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