Anomalous zone Preyzera

Anomalous zone Back in 1040 in the eastern United States of America American George simple Preyzer accidentally discovered a place that does not seem to apply the known at school, all the laws of physics.

The compass was not working, the trees bent helix observed optical illusions, and even gravity strangely changed. Where anomalies occur in the magnetic field and gravity, and even space.

Unravel the mystery of this strange place, no one fails. What’s going on is not clear today. We only know that it all started with togas that at first there was a miraculous healing of George headaches. Then, trying to build in this place gazebo Preyzer and faced with all these miracles.

George was not good at physics, but as a true American quickly realized that to do and now the so-called anomalous zone Preyzera – a place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world. Despite the fact that people do not come here a little, to unravel the mysterious of an amazing band so no one failed.

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