An Unknown planet near the Sun

29 Mar

planet near the SunThe sun is visible next to another planet. By using a filter to decrease the brightness of sunlight, which would eliminate the possibility of glare.

As you know, there is a theory about Planet X and the fact that it was already close to the sun. Its orbital period is that every 188 days, it is close to the Earth as close.If these hypotheses are correct, then about 2 April 2013 in the world should expect a major earthquake, which is comparable in strength to the one that struckJapanand caused a mega-tsunami ubivshee thousands of people and caused global destruction.


On the “second sun” in the network are heated debate in which the skeptical citizens, deny its existence, and in fact you can just take a camera lens filter cover and try to see for themselves this mysterious planet, because this video is not unique and there are hundreds of others, where the so- a visible planet located near our star – can she really there?


In any case, April is on the way and soon we will know whether it is a true hypothesis 188th apocalypse.

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