An unknown animal that kill the people

March 26 near the train platform “Baranovo” locals came across a mutilated human body. Medics arrived later recorded the absence of certain body parts and internal organs. Is it in the area infested criminals selling people “on the bodies?” Much easier, but no less frightening – a local resident was the victim of an unknown animal.

During the forensic examination to establish the cause of death was not possible due to lack of body parts and internal organs – told in the press service of the SU TFR in the Tularegion. – The body of the deceased were found postmortem damage caused by the teeth of animals.


Now law enforcement authorities are checking. What a man torn of animals, the investigators could not establish. Perhaps it was a bear, wolf, waking up, as expected, in the spring and muzzy the amount of snow.

But at the same time still remember the story that occurred in the village of Pikein October 2011. Two families in the morning found that their rabbits, hens, chickens – killed. And a strange way: the wound in the neck, all the blood drained. Local people then blame the Chupacabra.

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