Adam or Eve – Who came first?

24 Mar

Adam Where on earth were people? This issue is likely to ask himself every man. However, despite the attempts of many centuries of generations of people to find the right way to solve the puzzle, find the truth has not been anyone.

Of course, first of all, we should search for the sources of truth in the ancient sources, which are the myths and legends of the time when people were closer to the beginning of “glimmers of reason” in human development.

The first of the legend about the creation of man, talk about the fact that people were created the Universal Mind (God or gods) of clay.

Sumerians, Khanty, Egyptians, Greeks, and residents of the Altai and Polynesia believed that the gods of the first people blinded from this particular material.

But why did the clay was chosen as “building material” for a person? As you know, any creative or destructive process requires more energy expenditure. But the fact is that sometimes the composition of clay mixed with uranium – the radioactive substance that can decay to allocate a huge amount of energy. And maybe, for some reason it is of the uranium contained in the clay, and the energy was used for the creation of all life on earth.

Again, if we consider the processing of uranium ore it can be seen that at a certain stage of a purified form of uranium is similar to the yellow clay, and it is in the form of such uranium is then used to split and energy. It is estimated that 3000000 kg of coal contains as much energy as is contained in one (!) Per kilogram of uranium. Not bad, eh?

But back to the process of creation. According to another hypothesis, too, no less ancient, man evolved from some hermaphrodite (intersex), and only much later, people were divided by gender. These myths can be found among the peoples of Africa, in particular, the residents of western Sudan.

More modern versions of the appearance of man on earth is associated with interference with the evolutionary process of the Earth aliens from other planets, which artificially found intelligent life on this planet.

Despite this variety of hypotheses about the origin of man (including Darwinism), it is still a large part of humanity takes the other side of life, which is reflected in his religious outlook. With so many different currents, the major religions of the world are considered to be Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. Despite the many contradictions of Christianity and Islam, the two religions “resonate” with each other, and sometimes complementary.

For example, every Christian knows that the first people on earth were Adam and Eve, but not everyone knows that the early Christian apocrypha, the Hebrew text of Isaiah, Alphabet of Ben Sira, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Book of Zohar mention the creation of God, the First Eve – Lilith. This woman, just as Adam was created from clay. Alternatively, even mentioned that Adam and Lilith were twin brothers.

But all the same plot with Lilith female is more common, though the wife of Adam in ancient literary sources she never called – only a woman. And not wanting to themselves below Adam, and submit to the man, Lilith “flew away” from him and turned into a demon. In the mythology of her Muslim friends even attributed the role of the Prince of Darkness. Lilith is also called the screech owl, and according to popular belief, this evil spirit is killing babies.

Here I want to draw attention to the fact that Lilith did not go, do not run away from Adam, and it is the “fly away.” But these beings were created by God to be equal means and Adam could fly, that is, a disembodied spirit! The Bible says that after Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit, God gave them “coats of skins” (the body?) And cast out of Paradise on Earth.

From reliable historical sources, we know that for multi-millennial history of mankind on Earth many times a change of different civilizations. So here are some modern scholars are of the opinion that originally inhabited the planet gay creatures like ghosts, which has the ability of telepathy, levitation, telekinesis, and other supernatural things.

However, over time they have developed the ability to materialize, and discovered a different feeling. Over time, the number of diversified spirits materialized bodies and modify them in order to fully enjoy all the processes: sound reproduction, the absorption of food, touch, etc. So there were giants – Lemurians, who were still in supernatural powers.

Over time, the mysterious inhabitants of Lemuria “transform” in Atlanta, which already had an idea of sexual pleasure and gradually undergo differentiation into men and women. In place of the Atlanteans came people who were perfectly adapted to living in the material world, but almost completely lost all hit.

But then again, one might ask: Who came first man or woman?

Recent scientific research has proved that initially all human embryos are female, and only then in the process of hormonal changes part of the embryo into a male species. An indirect proof of this assumption may be observations made by zoologists on polar bears in the wild. Experts noted that with the advent of the “ozone hole” over the territory in the Arctic bears frequent births cubs – hermaphrodites. The same thing happens with the “stronger sex” humanity: there is a surge of homosexuality, as well as the cases of male infertility.

Irina Ermakova, a researcher of the Institute of Neurophysiology of the opinion that such processes are associated with changes in the genotype of men, resulting in degenerative processes observed in the Y-chromosome, which is precisely determines male sex. Experts believe, with this situation in five generations will inhabit the Earth again, women are hermaphrodites, as it was a long time ago.

Hypothesis female scientist support and experts from the U.S., who conducted a comparative study of human remains, are you getting into the cave period. The results are stunning: it turned out that the female X chromosome older male Y-chromosome to 80000let! And this is likely to mean that it is the result of a modification of female chromosomes appeared on earth men.

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