Development of a robot taught.

robot taughtDefense science agency DARPA is preparing to launch nearly four-year project on the development of artificial intelligence, which will be able to educate them and improve them. In the new project is not about modeling the human brain and run the model on a computer.

This way in the near future, many scientists believe a dead end because of the exceptional complexity of the human brain and the little-studied principles of our mind. DARPA plans to go the other way: Continue reading “Development of a robot taught.”

When the brain works most effectively?

BrainThe University of Montreal setup that the human brain begins to work more efficiently and effectively after the age of 55 years.

Such a conclusion the researchers did, conducted a series of tests with different people of different ages.

It turned out that people whose age ranges from 55 to 75 years, in the solution of complex problems in the brain is so-called. Special regime – in a difficult situation returns to the starting point and works very accurately. Continue reading “When the brain works most effectively?”

The smell of the moon …

moonApollo 17 astronaut Jack Schmitt was the first in the history of a man who suffered an attack of hay fever, is the chapels ground. The attack began quite rapidly – as Jack took off his helmet, after the first walk on the moon, he immediately felt that his nose is stuffed up.

A strange voice astronaut attention in Hstone as he gave the message. It was a reaction to the lunar dust. The same reaction, but to a lesser degree, was with him and after the second and the third exit at the moon. It is quite possible that it has acquired a sort of immunity to the lunar dust. Continue reading “The smell of the moon …”

An Unknown planet near the Sun

planet near the SunThe sun is visible next to another planet. By using a filter to decrease the brightness of sunlight, which would eliminate the possibility of glare.

As you know, there is a theory about Planet X and the fact that it was already close to the sun. Its orbital period is that every 188 days, it is close to the Earth as close. Continue reading “An Unknown planet near the Sun”

An unknown animal that kill the people

March 26 near the train platform “Baranovo” locals came across a mutilated human body. Medics arrived later recorded the absence of certain body parts and internal organs. Is it in the area infested criminals selling people “on the bodies?” Much easier, but no less frightening – a local resident was the victim of an unknown animal.

During the forensic examination to establish the cause of death was not possible due to lack of body parts and internal organs – told in the press service of the SU TFR in the Tularegion. – The body of the deceased were found postmortem damage caused by the teeth of animals.

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Why would the aliens our land?

the aliens  The residents of the Ryazan region Ermisch this incredible event has become a sensation. A couple of weeks ago on the field were found two knows how to form the “pit” right cylindrical. Nothing of the sort here he has never seen before.

Gawk at the strange discovery shaft threw the people of the village as well as surrounding villages. From next door summer camp teachers led the kids on the tour. Ermishintsy themselves agree that the mysterious hole in the field – not only as the machinations of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. The point was, it is said so. Machine-SPK “Hope” mowed clover. Continue reading “Why would the aliens our land?”

Who comes first in the world – a virus or a cell?

VirusPennsylvania a new method for biological calculations that will help to determine what first arose on Earth – the cells or viruses? In order to answer this question biologists have traced the evolutionary path of proteins that make up cells and viruses.

We have just started the study with the help of the custom method. Confident that in the end it will be possible to explain what had emerged from what – the virus has evolved into a cell, or vice versa, – says project manager Randy Patterson. Continue reading “Who comes first in the world – a virus or a cell?”

Why do dogs and wolves howl at the moon?

dogs and wolves howlThe effect of gravity of the moon and the sun on our planet known. The strength of their influence is that every day is the ebb and flow. On land, this effect does not occur, because it is hard. However, even the land changes its spatial position, raising towards disturbing luminaries crust tectonic plates.

But since the whole pripodymaetsya layer evenly, we did not notice. And if the forces of gravity influences of the moon and the sun are so great and obvious that they make to move billions of tons of water in the ocean at high tide, then why are these forces can affect a grain of sand as a man or a dog?

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Hubble digs glowing galactic worm

galactic wormCharming bright galaxy known as IRAS 23436 5257, it was Space Telescope NASA / European Space Agency “Hubble.” This galaxy is located in the northern constellation Cassiopeia.

Distorted, like a worm structure of this galaxy, most likely, is the result of the collision and subsequent merger of two galaxies. These interactions are fairly common in the universe, and they may include how to capture a small satellite galaxy spiral arms of other galaxies and large collision between two galaxies.

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Man in Moscowirradiated radiation friend to become immortal

radiationPolice man explained that he has a friend who wants to become immortal, so he and his companion irradiated by radiation. Friend even went to the zone of the Chernobylaccident, to get exposure and immortal,” – said the agent of law enforcement officer.

Metropolitan police arrested a college lecturer capital, who kept house radioactive materials and irradiated a friend who wanted to be immortal, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a police source city. Continue reading “Man in Moscowirradiated radiation friend to become immortal”