The water bloody monster

26 Feb

bloody monsterIn the U.S. fisherman with a catch fish-monster on the memory- in New Jersey, Doug Cutler managed to catch the imagination of the amazing “fish-monster.”

American fishing saw a huge eel in the water and began to hunt him with a bow and arrow. Hit and pulling the trophy out of the water, the fisherman was dumbfounded: bleeding long sea creature with a huge mouth and conical teeth more like a figment of the imagination of producers science fiction movie than a living creature, says the NY Daily News.

NY Daily News journalists tracked down Doug Cutler, who is considered a murderer strange sea creature, but the man did not answer the call.

Daily News in New York City Department of Environmental conservation environment. However, on this occasion doubt- lamprey usually grows up to 90 cm in length, and it gives the impression of being a very large specimen of this species.

However, as the newspaper notes, in recent years, sea lampreys are increasingly appearing in the waters of New Jersey, as the rivers dismantled too old dam.

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