The three planets are similar to Earth

similar EarthTwin Earth hid in the backyard, it may be only 13 light years from the solar system. This is the conclusion of scientists, you overestimate the size and temperature of a red dwarf, possible stars-hosts of planets.

Astronomers have chosen out of 158 thousand stars, Kepler Space Observatory, studied all red dwarfs, and then conducted a more precise estimate of their size and temperature. In most cases, the stars were colder and less than previously thought. Of the 95 tested red dwarf planets are 60% less of Neptune, and the three planets are similar to Earth.

Astrophysicists concluded that 6% of red dwarfs have planets similar to ours, the nearest of them may be only 13 light years from the solar system. The study was a group of scientists from the American Harvard-Smithsonian CFA, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“We thought that we will need to explore the giant space to find a planet similar to Earth. We now realize that the “second Earth” can be located on our “backyard”, waiting for her to notice, “said team leader Courtney Dressing.

Conditions on the planets in red dwarf systems differ from traditional ideas. Due to the low orbit such planets are able to capture the tidal, meaning face to the star by one party. But the deep ocean or dense atmosphere can carry heat to the night side, and scientists do not rule out that such planets there are conditions for the appearance of life.

Red dwarfs-stars with low luminosity and mass. The average red dwarf weighs three times less than the Sun and shines a thousand times weaker than our star. Earlier it was believed that the planets in red dwarf systems are extremely rare. The results of published studies show not only that the planets in red dwarf systems are common, but also that the planets in our Galaxy at all anymore: about a third of the 45 billion stars in the milky way belongs to the stars of this type.

The Kepler space observatory was established to search for planets in star systems of the Galaxy. Apparatus placed in heliocentric orbit in spring 2009. The satellite, scientists discovered several thousand planets, 350 of which are comparable in size to Earth.

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