The planet turns on its head

Distance of 40 light years from Earth is a planet, which has a striking property periodically to flip upside down so that its north pole becomes the south.

Pole “walk” about every one million years, the process was repeated after four planets within the system of double star, said lead researcher Nathan Kaib of Queen’s University in Canada. “Some kind of a flock of sheep led by shepherds stars,” – he said.

According to him, the binary system is located in the constellation Cancer and has two stars and five planets. Second star separates from the first distance over the distance between the Sun and the Earth is 1.1 thousand times. Despite this fact, the second light has a powerful impact on the world, but not in their orbits, and it is on the axis of rotation.

Kaib colleagues developed a computer modeling over 450 variants body motion system 55 Cancri. Researchers concluded that, as the rotation around the star farthest planet 55 Cancri D, figuratively speaking, stands on his head every 1 million years. While 55 Cancri D, which is larger than Jupiter, about 4 times, involves a “somersault” the other four planets with less mass. Their orbits are striking, almost unchanged. “This planetary system looks very organized”, – concluded the head of research.

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