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09 Feb

tattoo powerA birthmark on the human body has long been attaching special importance. It was believed that the location of moles and their combination affect the fate of a man in any way, determine its future.

They say that a mole in any case can not be removed – it is violating its own energetic background of the person. But it also happens that people are deliberately trying to change his fate by artificial application of magic symbols and marks on the skin with tattoos.

The engineers working in this field say that tattoos are really able to change the destiny of man, and, moreover, sometimes not for the better. It often happens that a man makes a “tattoo” first got the character does not even ask what it means. The most dangerous in this respect are considered magical runes and ancient hieroglyphics that carry a huge stock of power.

Unfortunate tattoo fans have to pay for these drawings setbacks in his personal life, after which many are trying to get rid of these marks by all available means.

Master Application tattoo, Constantine Avramenko, knows many such examples. One day he asked the girl, with a request to remove the character printed on the buttock. According to the client, after she had her this tattoo on the girl fell down all sorts of trouble: retired husband is a dead newborn child. As found the master caused hapless visitor to the sign meant the word “demon.” After removal of the tattoo girl happily married and went abroad.

Many people turn to the masters to remove their tattoos, carry a negative meaning: images of evil spirits, symbols of death. Pay once for Constantine trooper asked him to remove any cost him drawing “an old woman with a scythe.” According to him, it brought him only misery.

Tattooing can change the behavior and character. A frivolous girl, as a teenager, got a tattoo on her back in the form of a butterfly. Seriously, young people did not belong to her, and indeed she was not chaste. Then someone still has advised her to get rid of this figure, which turns out to have been familiar ladies of easy virtue. After all in this girl’s life was adjusted.

Director of Interior for applying a tattoo believes that if a man does tattoo in order to jewelry – and it will remain so. However, if people are investing in this sign a deeper sense, in life, they will take place changes. Sometimes shy people affixed force and aggression in order to “get” the sign of the qualities that they lack.

The priests of many people specially decorated themselves with numerous ritual signs of force, which helped them to draw power to communicate with the spirit world. An important role is played by the master and which is applied tattoo.

From the point of view of the Orthodox clergy the labeling on the body is a major sin, because the roots of this go back to pagan rites and worship of idols. However, modern man is still worth remembering that the subconscious – a tricky thing, and his excellent memory. Even if you have forgotten the true meaning of tattoos, the subconscious mind will never forget. And will continue to break out, even contrary to common sense.

Should not also be applied and runes, as each of them bears two inverted opposites. And if a man cause a sign, say, on the hand, the rune will constantly change its value even the most good. But our subconscious is sure this will take.

And one “but.” Even if a person wants then “take” this “ornament”, he will have to pay an amount much greater than the cost of drawing, and traces may still remain. If you really want to experiment with tattoos, it can cause temporary. Modern technologies allow such a “tattoo” stay long enough.

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