Real vampire caught in Trukey

18 Feb

vampireTurkey caught the vampire who attacked passersby, biting and scratching them. Doctors said 23-year old boy committed these acts to quench his thirst.

The 23-year boy a Turk who lived through tragic events in a short period of time, they developed mental disorders: a man began to suffer from bipolar disorder and has an affinity for human blood.

At first, the Turks tried to quench their thirst, without violence – cut chest, arms and belly blade, deriving biological fluid collected in a cup and drink. But over time, exhausted “donor” began to look for other ways of making.

Assistant in this venture was a vampire father, who took his son to supply plastic containers with red liquid, stuck out Blood Bank.

However, after a while the parent ceased transmitting patient offspring bags of blood, causing the vampire to go out in search of people who are ready to share with him his biological fluid.

After wandering through the alleys and not finding volunteers man decided to take extreme measures – began to rush to the passers-by, which bite and stabbed with a sharp object. Shocked by the appearance of a vampire person immediately called the police, to catch mentally ill Turk.

“After examining 23-year-old patient, my colleagues posed the following diagnosis, socialized identity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic depression, and alcohol abuse. This man told us that the inner companion forced him to commit violent acts, and ordered to commit suicide” – Tell your doctor Dieren Sakarya, working in a military hospital in the southwestern Turkey.

For the next six weeks after admission vampire experts noted improvement in his physical condition. But socialized symptoms in men still remained.

Doctors who do not know by what means treating bloodsuckers, have the patient drink an unusual cocktail of sedatives and sleeping pills.

It is noteworthy that the human body is not very suited for the digestion of blood. But the Turks did not feel discomfort, and did not complain about the deterioration of general condition.

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