Our planet will live! And we are?

global warmingProtect the planet from global warming. First we are powerless to “protect” or “save” the Earth. Secondly, our planet does not need safety.

Planet hanging in space, spinning on its axis and around the sun has been 4.6 billion years. Once the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the temperature was much higher than today. At some stage in the history of the Earth’s atmosphere to create the conditions conducive to the emergence of life. For some reason, on this planet, there was a life that was to become many different forms.

The changes that are taking place in the atmosphere is not as significant for her, however fatal for those who inhabit it. Ground anyway! Will people live in it, or they will give way to other species that managed to evolve. Maybe even all life extinct. Her planet, anyway. It should not be any rescue or protect. Need to save and protect us, and the planet somehow manage. 4.6 billion years old – just old age, not to bathe on the extra grams of carbon dioxide per cubic meter of air in the atmosphere.

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