In New Zealand, the mother of eight children died at age 30 from an overdose of Coca-Cola

DrinkPathologist put an end to the case of the death of a 30-year resident of New Zealand, Natasha Harris, formerly suspected of fatal poisoning Coca-Cola. Coroners have ruled that a woman really died of “overdose” carbonated beverage.

According to the doctors, the mother of eight children, died of a heart attack, which was caused by the fact that women daily intake of at least 10 liters of Coca-Cola, the max medical caffeine twice.

Natasha Harris discovered her boyfriend Christopher on the floor of a private February 30, 2010. She eagerly grabbed air lips, her boyfriend immediately called an ambulance, but she arrived too late.

The investigation took almost three years. Representatives of the firm still deny that excessive consumption of their production of the drink could lead to such disastrous results. In a statement, Coca-Cola said that the company’s “very disappointed” that the doctor has focused his attention on their product, while Harris led generally unhealthy lifestyle, and her death could affect dozens of factors.

The coroner David Crerar said that, if not a huge amount you drink “Cola”, it is unlikely that she would have died of heart failure at that age. According to a New Zealand television, Crerar estimated that ten liters of Coca-Cola is equal to more than one kilogram of sugar and 970 milligrams of caffeine.

The pathologist said that shortly before his death, mother of many children lost all his teeth.

However, Crerar noted that the company is not responsible for the consumers who drink so much soda. Ms. Harris herself had to attend to his failing health. The fact that a few years before the death of the woman lost all his teeth and some of her children were born without enamel on the teeth, should have been a warning to herself and her family.

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