Found the source of the origin of life On Mars

life on marsThe scientists concluded that Mars has the potential for the emergence and existence of life. Experts do not exclude the presence of water on Mars in the form of a concentrated brine. In similar conditions on Earth live bacteria.

The question of life on Mars was discussed in Los Angeles at a scientific conference at UCLA.

“Of course, we cannot deny the fact that Mars is suitable for living” – said Alfred McEwen, Director of Research at the University of Arizona.

Some experts believe that, in certain regions of Mars may be liquid water in the form of brine. In summer and spring on Mars can run down the steep slopes of the salty streams.

“There is a salt water on Mars, perhaps, is not suitable for microbes,” – said McEwan. Another proof of the possibility of life on this planet was perchlorate, found there in 2008. These substances can be used for microbial source of energy and food in the dark, under conditions where photosynthesis is impossible.

At almost the same conditions on Earth – the Atacama Desert and the dry valleys in Antarctica – live germs. In the valley of Antarctic organisms lives deep in the rocks, while participating in the process of photosynthesis.

Mars may be something similar. As in the Atacama salt on soil moisture can turn the planet into a liquid, absorbing it from the atmosphere. Scientists have “instructed” rover Curiosity, which explores the suitability of life on Mars, “watch” for salt.

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