Detected cosmic disaster

cosmic disasterStar Hypernova explosion, which occurred about 3 million years ago, within our galaxy. This is the first in the world saw specialists Japan Aerospace Exploration Agenc, according to BBC News . Fix emission balances Hypernova could X-ray using a device that is installed on the Japanese module “Kibo” of the International Space Station.

Exploding star was in the constellation Cygnus the distance 5500 light years from Earth. Its mass than the solar dozens of times, and the power indicator explosion exceeded normal supernova at least 100 times. Cosmic accident has left a cloud of gas with a diameter of almost 1000 light years.

When viewed from Earth, this Hypernova sun in the night sky 40 times brighter than the moon. Astronomers call a Hypernova explosion of massive stars, which occur after the gravitational collapse of their cores. This rare phenomenon occurs once every 100 thousand or even a million years.

Aware of the eight explosions occurred in the past hypernovae, but they were fixed outside the Milky Way, while the open specialists JAXA stars are in our galaxy. Such powerful cosmic explosions lead to strong radioactive outbreaks that could threaten life on Earth. It is assumed that in the constellation Cygnus Hypernova could also have a negative impact on the Earth’s biosphere and even be responsible for the extinction of some species.

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