An ancient human found in the Denisov cave

16 Feb

Ancient humanAn ancient people whose leftovers were found in 2008 in the Denisov Cave in the Altai region, we can take for granted,” – said the deputy director of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of History Dr. Michael Shunkov. Scientists say that the skeletal remains found belonging to a previously unknown population of fossil man, no one doubts.

On the discovery of a before unknown type of people for the first time, researchers reported in a paper published in the journal Nature in December 2010. This is the conclusion of scientists presented the results of genome sequencing ancient human tissues preserved in the phalanx of tissues and two teeth found in the Denisov cave.

Denisovskoye human remains were found in 2008 by Russian archaeologists. In 2010, a team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute under the direction of Swedish biologist Svante Peebo sequenced DNA extracted from the remains.

Researchers have learned that the approximate age of the remains – about 50 thousand years. This figure corresponds to the time of mass migration from the African continent to the north of Neanderthals and modern humans. Most interesting is that the area of distribution of resettlement does not intersect with the place of discovery of the remains. The new species was named “Denisovsky” – after the name of the cave, where there was an archaeological discovery.

The study found that people Denisovsky affected the appearance of modern humans, the genome of a new species of primitive man found in the genetic code of the present inhabitants of the Earth. On Denisovskoye man had brown eyes, brown hair and dark skin, like many modern humans.

A previously unknown type of ancient human science will be presented for the first time at the Museum of Novosibirsk.

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