Wonder of the world-Statue of Zeus

06 Jan

ZeusThe seven ancient wonders of the worldStatue of Zeus“. Statue of God of thunder was in the temple of Zeus in Olympia in Elis, in the north-western Peloponnese. The statue had a very impressive size, for the time, Zeus was seated on a throne in height from 12 to 17 meters and the impression that “if he (Zeus) would want to get out of the throne, it certainly would carry a roof.”

The majestic statue was the work of the Athenian sculptor Phidias, who at the time managed to create two famous statues of Athena, “Athena Promachos” and “Athena Parthenos”. Pheidias began working on the statue of Zeus in about 438 BC together with his pupil and brother Panenom batters. And in 435 BC. e. statue was prepared and presented to the residents of Olympia.

Zeus appeared before an enthusiastic audience, seated on a magnificent throne of cedar wood overlaid with ivory and decorated with precious stones. The feet of the throne were depicted dancing Nicky, centaurs, frescoes with the feats of Hercules and Theseus. Zeus body was covered with ivory (ivory, impregnated with a special liquid, making it more pliable). After Zeus was thrown over his shoulder gold cape. In his right hand he held a golden statue of the goddess of victory Nike, and in his left hand a golden scepter with eagle. Head of Zeus crowned wreath of olive branches. But most of all, the people who saw the statue of Zeus struck his eyes, which were the size of an adult fist and shining brightly, creating the impression, beginning in their zippers.

To this effect, Phidias ordered cut down at the foot of the statue of a rectangular pool. Top of the water in it was poured olive oil, so that the flow of light from the door fell on a dark, oily surface, and the reflected rays fly upward, illuminating the shoulders, head and eyes of Zeus. There was a complete illusion that the light pours from God to the people.

This is how the statue of Zeus, the Greek historian Pausanias, in his outstanding work “Description of Greece”:

“God sits on his throne, his body is made of gold and ivory, in his head like a wreath of olive branches, on the right hand he holds the goddess of victory, also made of ivory and gold. She has a bandage on his head and a wreath. In his left hand the scepter of God, adorned with all kinds of metals. Footwear and outerwear god – also made of gold, and the clothes – pictures of different animals and the lilies of the field”

The statue was placed in the main temple of Zeus, which according to legend, fascinated by its magnificence is not smaller than the statue. Temple, including the roof, was built of marble. He was surrounded by 34 massive columns of limestone. Each was the height of 10.5 meters and a thickness of 2 meters. Temple area was 64 × 27 m on the outer walls of the church-plate with relief depicting 12 labors of Hercules.


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