Top secret of Bigfoot

Bigfoot – as they call this elusive resident uninhabited places, or distant from our predecessor, or a stranger from other dimensions. Judging by the fact that the name of the creature made by representatives of many nations, it is found almost everywhere, but people see him mostly transient and accidental.

In ancient Russia illiterate peasants called him “goblin” or “master,” and ended up at him more often in the woods, and in the winter it is being could move closer to people’s houses to find something to eat and sleep in a relatively warm place uninhabited – in the bath, in the loft or attic.

Happened that the people there were also females with cubs, and many witnesses from different countries and regions of the state that the mammary gland of female yeti is so great that it can throw them on the shoulder. This must exist in order to feed their baby on the go, without stopping. Yeti moves very quickly and quietly, so catch him dismounted man not possible. Despite numerous attempts to catch the man, or at least take a picture of a snowman, credible success in this direction has not been reached.

The only evidence of the existence of this hominid are still photos and huge casts of tracks unseen beings, and the famous Patterson video, calling, however, considerable doubt its authenticity. However, the assumption is not new that people are not only intelligent branch on this planet. Too many observations and stories stored in the folklore of various countries, surprisingly accurately describe the same strange creature.

The famous female Bigfoot Zahn caught in Abkhazia in the nineteenth century, was not the product of imagination of many people. And the fact that her offspring had a remarkable physical strength (he can lift the chair with his teeth sitting on it man) also speaks in favor of the existence of this strange race of beings similar to humans.

Many witnesses say that the face “face to face” with this humanoid, there is a sudden uncontrollable attack of terror and a sense of complete muscle paralysis. Some people after such meetings were ill for a long time. Argue that the Yeti can become invisible, “blind”, and only animals can smell it.

The scientists suggested that perhaps we have here an innate property of hominid to hypnosis, which is a kind way to protect this creature. But rather to be feared yeti contact with a person, rather than to us. Although sometimes hear stories about aggressive “boss forest”, however, direct attacks on humans were reported.

Usually it is being tried to stay away from the man, and not causing him harm. Conversely, some talk about how Bigfoot helped the children lost in the woods, or those in need. So who is this strange inhabitant of forests and mountains? The native of this planet, or a visitor from another world?

Not long ago, scientists have carried out a thorough analysis of the DNA samples of hair and skin, derived from the Yeti, the result of this work turned out pretty interesting. Experts have concluded that Bigfoot is a hybrid known prehistoric primate species from the Earth and extraterrestrial beings. It seems that the latest version of the most plausible.

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