The virus discovered that can destroy humanity

humanity virusGroup of scientists have exposed a previously unknown to science deadly virus, which, they claim, in the near future could destroy mankind.

One of the victims of the “virus of Armageddon,” as he called scientists, has already become a 38-year-old Briton, says RBC . The other day he died in a London hospital of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever. The symptoms of the disease – a headache, and joint pain, nausea and fever. As the disease on the patient appear extensive bruising, starting uncontrollable bleeding of internal organs.

It is assumed, that the British had contracted the disease in Afghanistan, where he had gone to the wedding of his brother. The disease is common in domestic and wild animals in Asia and Africa, it is a carrier of one of the types of mites. It is assumed that from the same virus have died at least two others.

A study by British scientists found that zoonoses – infectious disease of animals transmissible to humans, – spreading the virus unknown to science. Using gene scans, they found that it is related to the SARS virus, which in 2003 claimed the lives of about one thousand people, but it has a different composition.
Leading British virologist Professor John Oxford of Queen Mary Hospital, University of London, warned that humanity should expect an epidemic of infectious zoonotic disease in five years. According to the professor, this infection will be a new strain of supergrippa. He will destroy the people in Asia and Africa, and then spread to the rest of the world. The new virus is transmitted from wild or domestic animals to humans.

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