The protection of the ancient powers

ancient powersDifficulties in the work of researchers lacked. Cholera, malaria, and dust storms. The entire area was engulfed in war. Unruly, wild and untamed tribes were in a state of bloody feudal strife: strife, their feud with irregular forces and the Ottoman Empire. There were constant threats of attacks of nomads, attempts to get to the weapons of the expedition and theft. There were cases of shootings and looting expedition property.
In order to somehow protect their lives, archaeologists had to scare superstitious people of his “magical powers.” Launch rockets and fireworks terrified of not only women and children, who fled with wild cries of asylum seekers, but also men. Scientists have unearthed a giant human head alabaster locals plunged into horror and confusion. What has not happened, but as they say, God spared archaeologists. Great strides have P. Botha and R. Koldewey, O. Layard and L. Woolley. Found ancient Nineveh – a stronghold of the mighty and the capital of the Assyrian kings mentioned in the Bible, and Babylon, who in the days of the greatest of all the forgotten glory of Sumer was an obscure village. Only when Hammurabi in XVIII century BC. e. Babylon became rattle the entire ancient world. It is not clear where it came from cuneiform tablet Sargon ancient times. Found bilingual – inscriptions in both languages, which allowed deciphering ancient texts left at an unknown earlier language. Raking centuries of debris and dirt shoveled thousands of cubic meters of earth by hundreds of diggers, the archaeologists discovered a whole layer of forgotten history.

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