The most mysterious book-the Voynich manuscript

08 Jan

mysterious book1912 when the Jesuits from Italy needed money to open his college. Provided for this building was in need of reinstatement, and therefore it was decided to sell some of the ancient manuscripts preserved in the collection of the monks. To this proposal willingly responded Wilfrid Voynich, known in Europe antiquarian and bibliophile.

The monks sold him 30 books, but on the condition that he would not disclose the place of purchase. One of the books was purchased by an ancient manuscript, which was later named after its owner.


In an ancient manuscript was invested message, stating that the book was once bought for more than three kilograms of gold. In the same record was a broad hint to the fact that the author of the Voynich manuscript could be Roger Bacon, a monk and mystic from France. Ancient manuscript containing text and pictures, and there is nothing unusual, except one – the content of the manuscript can not be decrypted until now.

Presumably, the book was written about 500 years ago, and alphabetic characters intricately mixed in a “Latin” and the Arabic. Wilfried repeated attempts to decipher the writing, sending a copy of the text wherever they could, but to no avail.

True to his word, kept the secret Voynich purchase this book, and after his death the truth about the unique discovery surfaced out. On the decipherer of the text began to work professor – philologists. But the result was the same – like language never before encountered. But nevertheless the language in which the book was written, was not a random set of letters and figures, there had its own clearly sequence.

Manuscript contains sections on botany, astronomy, alchemy. The remarkable fact is that many of the plants in the figures of the book beyond recognition, and collected as if from different parts. In the manuscript there are various charts, astrological elements of botany, and presumably drawing microscope (which, however, is in question.)

Professionalscryptographers have been put forward a variety of proposals, in particular, it is possible that the text was written by two different people and being left to right. In the 60’s and 70’s of the last century for deciphering the text come from U.S. security experts, but this attempt was unsuccessful.

Most cryptographers are surprised that it’s really a real language with a fine logical structure. George Zipf, a Harvard professor, first applied to work with the language of mathematical analysis. According to the developed them to the law (which, incidentally, is used in a retrieval system, the Internet), the ratio of words in each language is clearly defined as “very often”, “often” and “rarely”, and here there is a strong relationship. After checking the manuscript for this method was once again received confirmation that this is a unique language structure, unknown to science.

There have been several suggestions that this book – a clever hoax, written in order to make money on it at the time a lot of money. However, such arguments unconvincing – the book is really brilliant. And who knows what kind of revelation, and in a language which allowed the author to consider the manuscript to create this manuscript. Perhaps someday mystery of the Voynich manuscript is unraveled, and humanity finally learns the truth about this unique discovery.

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