The most harsh winter weather in the last thousand years ..

harsh winter Wintry weather in this leap year will be a severe winter in the last thousand years. The main reason for this, according to scientists from around the world – an anomalous cooling of the Gulf Stream.

Citizens living in the European part of the country expects at least five days at a temperature of -25 … -30 degrees and three days with temperatures below -30. Thus, the decade of the very low warmth of our fellow citizens is guaranteed. Even more serious cold expected north of the European part of Russia, where, according to weather forecasts, cold below -30 linger for a long time.

Studies have exposed that we went into the winter period with quite warm ocean waters in the northern latitudes. As it became known, September 20, the area of ??ice on the Arctic continent was about 4.7 million square kilometers This is almost 600,000 square kilometers less than in 2010. South-western part of the Arctic continent has practically freed from the ice. This is a very important statement.

Poles argue
that the cooling of the European continent is a certain temperature of the Gulf Stream. Polish scientists say that only just over the past five years the rate of movement of the Gulf Stream has fallen by half. If this slowdown will not stop the Gulf Stream may disappear completely, and then the whole of Europe can be hidden under a massive glacier.

Russian scholars also monitor the process. Theoretical cooling of the Gulf Stream may therefore this issue recently has been given quite a lot of attention. Version of what the Gulf Stream freeze, did not find their evidence. This can happen only in those cases where the Greenland ice sheet melted completely. While up to this disaster case never reached. Spill oil spill? But this spill will not change the situation – in this earthly scale man-made disaster is very small.

But specialists in advanced marine scientists from NASA, consider a proven fact that over the past 19 years, the Gulf Stream not only slowed his speed, and, on the contrary, it became warmer and more powerful. The displayed information they proved that with the warm Gulf Stream in 1995 was 0.3 degrees warmer and more powerful by 20 percent.

Temperature variations of different kinds of ocean currents – a common phenomenon, say the Institute of Oil and gaza.V stories were periods of time when the Earth was very cold, and in the North America was a strong glaciers. But after a while the glaciers began to melt and in large lakes have accumulated vast amounts of fresh, cold water, which then some time later poured out streams of the warm salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It happened a few hundred years ago, and it was then that the Gulf Stream is gradually beginning to cool. As a result of the above, on the shores washed by this current climate became cooler and more stable. Nothing fatal is not here.

I want to remind you that the past, and this summer in Eastern Europe and especially in Russia was also abnormally hot. Russian meteorologists, it was named the hottest of the last millennium.

American pundits believe the opposite, that it’s winter 2013 will be one of the warmest in the last 120 years. And buy a freezer , according to the Americans, even though winter is a must. According to the Americans, as evidenced by climate change, which we saw in 2012, around the North and South Poles.

According to American researchers from the National Agency of snow and ice National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, the state this year – 4.76 million sq km.. – Took third place at the lower surface of the ice on all the results that conducted by satellites since 1979.

According to American scientists, melting ice this year lasted for a very short period, but since the thickness of the glacier was negligibly small, the ice melted, and so a high speed.

As research by NASA, the last 12 months have been the warmest in the last 130 years. This record, according to U.S. researchers, is partly a credit to the phenomenon known as “El Nino“, which causes global warming.

Now, as scientists say, this phenomenon is inferior to another, cooler, called “La Nina” (the phenomenon of the Pacific, affecting weather in the world), but despite this, the scientists believe that the year 2010 is likely to be the hottest in the history of measurements.

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