The history of the famous Sukhothai city

SukhothaiThailand is a wonderful historic city of Sukhothai. In XIII-XIV century, Sukhothai was the first capital of the Thai state. The city has a large number of monuments that show the development of Thai architecture. Ancient civilization, united local traditions and the external influence, and has created a unique and unique architectural style. Now he is known as “the Sukhothai style.” In 1961, the ruined city recognized monument in 1976 and took up its restoration in 1988, the official opening of a new historical monument.
By the end of the XIII century, the internal problems in the Khmer Empire began to increase, and this could not affect their strength. Gradually began to move their possessions to new people. This new peoples migrated from the land of China and called themselves Thai (free). They are anchored in the fertile lands of northern Thailand and gained strength could challenge the dominance of the Khmers.

Sukhothai was founded in 1238 in the North of Thailand. In translation the name of the city means “Dawn of Happiness.” The city combines the power nearby cities and became the capital of which originated at the time the Thai state. Sukhothai on all sides surrounded by walls. The southern and northern walls were about 2 km, and the east and west by 1.4 km. The city gates were, which were located on each side, in the middle of the walls. Inside the walls were 4 reservoir. The capital city was not long, about 110 years. The most famous ruler of Sukhothai was King Ramkhamhaeng. During his reign the alphabet was invented, the currency and legal code. This allowed people to climb the Thai new stage in the development.

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