Darkness of the ages

Once a sensational excavation of Ur, the birthplace of the biblical Abraham, our newspaper wrote in spring 2011 in the article “The Sumerian chronicles.” It was about the fabulous wealth of its forgotten kings, in comparison with which the famous Tutankhamun – just poor. The archaeologists came across and completely looted burial where looters have… Read more Darkness of the ages

The great mysterious of the ancient temples Bakshaev

The ancient and magical effect on people’s lives of the oldest temples and colleague says Vitali Kimovich and archaeologist from St. Petersburg Alex Lingaliu. According to , by visiting the New Bayramgulovskogo settlement expeditions, some participants changed their place of work, residence, found their soul mate, free from physical and spiritual ailments. Humanity has not… Read more The great mysterious of the ancient temples Bakshaev