How to prevent the loss of human evolution?

17 Jan

human civilizationPaul and Anne Ehrlich, the famous American biologists believe that we must first give all women equal rights with men. In particular, this means free contraceptives and abortion. All civilizations eventually crisis. The result was different: some completely disappeared, while others eventually revived. But never has the catastrophe threatening the whole of mankind.

Famous American biologists Paul and Anne Ehrlich are two factors that lead to the collapse: overpopulation and over consumption. And he and other deceptive. Quite a long time it may seem that the more hands and the more active the market, the rapid scientific and technological progress, and the better we live. But in the end we are left with nothing- the natural systems can not withstand voltage, and the hour of reckoning.
Anne and Paul Ehrlich believe that scientists should start looking beyond the publications in the trade press and out into the world.

As you can imagine, the authors of the acclaimed book “The Population Bomb “(1968), did not come up. All that we have now. For example, if all the world, all seven billion people consume as do the citizens of the U.S., we would need four or five more planets. Moreover, by the mid-century, we are projected to be 9.6 billion already, and every new person requires more resources than the previous one. This progression did not start yesterday, but at the very beginning of human civilization, when we were little, we lived in the fertile river valleys. As the population grew, people had to learn the less suitable for agriculture area, which means more land, fertilizers, energy, etc. to produce the same quantity of food. In other words, the future will pay 2.5 billion geographically much more damage than the 2.5 billion who have been born since 1970. Resources that are easy to learn, mastering the first – it’s the law.

What to do? Well, something is being done, and it can not be denied: increased efficiency of agricultural practices, to replace fossil fuels account for alternative energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But this is no more than a local successes, and they, most importantly, will not solve the problem of heat and feed a billion new people.

Instead of trying to make the planet habitable 9.6 billion people, it is necessary to limit fertility. Good to stay at around 8.6 billion, and then gradually bring consumption to such parameters that do not harm the earth. If you do not, your grandchildren, dear twenty years, will be very tight.

Therefore, in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B Ehrlich noted that the first step on the road to disaster prevention should become widespread equalization of women’s equality with men. Studies show that, wherever it is made, the birth rate is falling, because the female sex is no longer just a factory of new people. In addition, each woman, sexually active, you need to ensure free contraceptives and abortion.

Not everyone is ready to accept. But we were able to somehow deal with the threat of a nuclear war! Are scientists, public figures and politicians around the world do not co-ordinate efforts to prevent another accident? For this and created ” Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the biosphere . ”

The sad thing is that science has explained in detail the factors leading to the collapse of civilization, but the public does not react to it, Ehrlich lamented, citing more than 150 studies, “The U.S. has just held a presidential election, but none of these issues was not affected during the debate. All the attention received financial problems that are easily solved by conventional negotiations.

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