The White Gods of Egypt

Egypt godA stone with an inscription carved in Hebrew. This incredible find is dated 1650 BC. In the Indian tribes who lived on the land, where they found an unusual stone, passed around the ancient tradition of “selecting a preacher.” Ostensibly he came from the east, healed people, taught crafts and sciences, as well as spread “divine revelation.”

These myths about the bearded White Gods of Pocono century occurred on the territory of South America. For example, the supreme deity of the Empire of the Incas believed the White God, whose name was Kon-Tiki Viracocha.

In the city of Cusco, the capital of the Incas, the ancient temple, destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors, there was a giant statue of the White God Viracocha. This statue features a European had in a long robe and sandals, similar to those worn in ancient Rome or Greece. Statue itself strongly impressed leader conquistadors Francisco Pizarro.

This event, he wrote in his memoirs, describing seeing similar images in the paintings of the Spanish and Italian artists. Similar statues have been found in other Inca temples that were dedicated to Viracocha. They had European features, their bodies covered with long, loose robes, all wore sandals. Spanish soldiers thought that the image of St. Bartholomew, which reached Peru and churches, who did the Incas, were also dedicated to this saint.

Confirmation skinned people stay in the South American continent was a godsend during the excavation of a giant ancient necropolis near the peninsula of Paracas in Peru. These findings support the hypothesis that white-skinned people inhabited the Americas as early as the earliest historical times, so far, been denied by official science.

Also in the necropolis were discovered mummies of people who have all the signs of belonging to white-skinned Nordics, which was confirmed by genetic analysis. This very bright person unknown, scientists believe, was in South America long before the Indian tribes. Most of the mummies had direct light brown or red hair and blue or green eyes. Textile, clothing, utensils, tools and other items that were found in the graves were very skillfully made, which indicated that the highest level of culture of the people.

Likely that the white population of America, home to about Paracas Peninsula, or in other places of the continent, has become a way to create a legend of the White Gods, who are known by the names of Kukulkan, the Kon-Tiki Viracocha and Quetzalcoatl. However, the sensational discoveries in the necropolis of the Paracas Peninsula, has not been able to shed light on where and when it arrived the mysterious skinned people in South America. Probably, all the time, and once all the answers will be found…

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