Fairy Tale or Reality?

FairyStories of legends and true stories. Over the centuries, European peasants became victims of mischievous fairies, or, on the contrary, they were helped by the good fairies. But in the history of mankind know of one case of a crash with the fairies, which was documented by means of an impartial mechanism.

France Griffith and Elsie Wright were cousins and lived in rural areas. France was ten, and Elsie – thirteen. The girls were like girls, no worse and no better than the others, loved to dress up in beautiful dresses and secretly enjoyed my mother’s rouge. They often fled to the fields, where they played to tiredness. One girl went home strange. On questioning the parents, they did not answer at first, then broke and was told that they had seen a fairy.

Of course, my parents did not believe them. This is terribly offended girls, they swelled, and a week did not go out of the house and did not speak. Elsie’s father, Arthur Wright, worried about the mental health of children and decided to give them the camera, saying, “If the fairies, however, there are, you can take pictures of them.”

In the Christmas issue of Stand Magazine in 1920 for the first time in history there were photos of these fairies. Elsie made them and France.

When the children came into the hands of the camera, they are not thinking, they went into the valley, and as they talked, begged permission to take pictures of fairies. Fairies gave their consent. Girl returned home in triumph. When Arthur Wright showed the film to them he saw Elsie. Around her like a butterfly fluttered small humanlike creatures with transparent wings. Wright did not believe his eyes. He descended into the valley, explored every stone there, but found nothing. He was trying to photograph the field, the trees, but to no avail – not single photograph fairies do not appear. Arthur then asked the girls to go back to the valley and to bring more pictures of fairies.

Girls did. In new photos fairies were already taken close-up. One of them, dressed in old-fashioned men’s coat and hat, standing right in the palm of Elsie. Looking at this picture of some uncontrollable fear gripped Arthur Wright, he hurried away to hide the photos, and the girls are strictly forbidden to walk in this strange valley.

However, rumors have gone for a walk in the surrounding villages. On a visit to Wright looked expert photographer and studied the pictures of their authenticity. Arthur secretly hoped that the pictures would be false, but the photographer him stunned: pictures were real, without any trace of photomontage. In the end, the rumors even went to the famous writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Few know that the main theme of his work were not the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, and the many strange, mysterious and fearful, with which man has ever faced. So Conan Doyle in mysticism at the time was a recognized authority. The writer asked the famous cameraman, who also confirmed the authenticity of the photographs. Then Conan Doyle asked the two girls, who at the time had turned thirteen and sixteen years old, I went down into the valley and make more shots. New Images contained new images of fairies, and the authenticity of their reiterated expert. Only after that they published in the journal. It produced a sensation.

Recent pictures girls did in 1921. After that, they have nothing included: the photo reflects only the real objects and people.

Experts tried to explain it to different reasons. Some people believe that girls matured simply lost touch with the spirit world. Others – that no fairies were not just children who possessed psychic powers were able to capture on film their own thoughts. Anyway, this was the only documented contact between people and fairies.

I must say that there is still no clear idea of who the fairies. According to popular legend, these tall women are much smarter and more beautiful than ordinary people, and most importantly – to have magical powers. However, around the XVII century is beginning to spread somewhat different view on fairies as evil microscopic creatures that at every opportunity trying to hurt people. In this interpretation of fairies sometimes blamed William Shakespeare, who in “Romeo and Juliet” for the first time an image appears Fairy Mab, which in size – with stone agate.

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