Dynamite and dog

13 Jan

dogIts a story but real a young resident of Minnesota Harry Jenkins (Harry Jenkins) and his two buddies went fishing. The lake, which friends have chosen for fishing, it was quite icy. Faster to punch hole in the ice, Jenkins decided to use dynamite.

When the cake was thrown dynamite in the right direction, the young men saw with horror as their dog ran toward the dynamite, taking him for a stick, who rushed to her.

In the eyes of frightened people dog looked dynamite and, despite the cries of men, began to move toward him, wagging his tail happily. All three of them realized that they were in danger and the situation is worse than they thought.

To save his life, friends ran in the opposite direction. Dog, taking everything happening for a fun game was chasing them. Men were on the verge of death. But the blast they are not caught up.

The dog died, and formed by the explosion of the crack in the ice in the place where there was a car Dzhenkensa, began to grow, until it engulfed the vehicle. The car went to the bottom of the lake.

At this misfortune did not end there. In addition to all the misfortunes of Jenkins, the insurance company refused to pay a sum of money, which usually gets a car owner in the event of such a disaster.

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