Chinese scientists have verified that flowers are save human brain

human brainFlowers as crocus, lavender, daffodils, snowdrops and crocus have a number of medicinal properties. Snowdrops contain glutamine, which causes dementia, Alzheimer’s disease of mild to moderate severity, including those struggling with chronic cerebral circulation, increasing the concentration of acetylcholine in the human body.

That acetylcholine is responsible for the transmission of messages coming from neurons in Alzheimer’s disease but its level drops. Galantamine is contained in the Narcissus, which may have anticancer properties.

Now it is being actively discussed by Chinese experts. At the same time, scientists from Sydney found that saffron has a positive effect on the elasticity of the visual cells and, again, in the brain in patients with Alzheimer’s.

As for the crocus, experts claim that it has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory actions by colchicine, which it contains. Lavender lowers sense of anxiety, insomnia saves, and reduces pain and aggression. The same is true of the spurge, which, in addition, also protects brain cells from aging.

The important discovery recently made by scientists from Novosibirsk. They have developed a drug that stimulates the brain to produce stem cells needed to regenerate diseased organs. Such medicine is unique in the world and is unique. Now the drug clinical trials are coming, which will last one and a half years.

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