17 billion planets similar to earth!

GalaxyThe vast expanses of our galaxy located 17 billion planets that are comparable in size to the globe Earth and the Earth with almost a similar location in the star system. This was officially stated in the reports of scholars, astrophysicists from the American Center for Astrophysics at Harvard Smith.

“Our conclusions about the existence of 17 billion Earth-like planets are the results of analyzes of the data that came with a high-sensitivity NASA satellite, called” Kepler “- said today the British radio station correspondents” Bi-bi-si “, quoting astrophysicists Francois Fresina, that leads a group of scientists involved in this research.

The reports noted that at here the world science is actively looking at the galactic expanse that planet, which in the near future will become a second home for part of humanity. Already there is a detailed map of the galactic similar planets and accurately by pointing to any star logitech mouse and just a single click will allow interested us consider the characteristics of a similar planet.

Today, in 2742 exposed the planet, comparable in size to Earth. However, the latest research shows that their number could be much greater.

“At the moment we have already done the first part of the problem – to identify those planets that are similar in comparison with planet Earth’s own distance from the Sun, and the same with the size of our Earth” – said Fresin.

For all that the world of science has already named considered to date the most similar to Earth in our galactic indicators planet. This – KOI 172.02, which has already received its official name – “Earth-2“.

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