Wall Street are hiding in holes

hiding in holesA person claims that there has inside information about what is going on and they say, what happens, does not promise anything good. The most reliable sources require anonymity. As a result, I found myself in a position where I try figure out whether to write and send a broadcast some very controversial information.

In the use of unnamed sources present a risk. Simply put, they can make mistakes and be carriers of misinformation or just be abnormal in their pursuit of the 15-minute glory. Requires a certain level of courage to to broadcast information coming from confidential sources.

Observation Marrs
In an interview to show common sense on December 9, 2012 Jim Marrs discussed the fact that approximately 400-500 senior bank officers left their positions and moved to a safe place. Marrs reminded my students about how elite seed vault built to which access is only at it. Marrs clearly alluding to the fact that the looming very bad events, and global elites are aware of this and is taking action to prepare for the threat. My insider sources, recently fired from the CIA, DHS (Department of Homeland Security) NSA (NSA; approx.) And FEMA (Federal Agency for Emergency Management, approx.) informed me that the same thing is happening in the various federal organizations. This fact is indisputable. I have first-hand information from the three former federal government employees and their families who have moved into safe enclaves, despite the fact that such actions violate the very habitual way of life of their families.

Mass layoffs in the federal services
When government officials en masse away from the various federal agencies to retire, this event is not always worth a look. However, when the same officials resign en masse, and then moved to form their own enclaves, all we should be interested in, especially when we see the same behavior on the part of executives of Wall Street.

Moving DHS and the CIA
The fact that in the current difficult times, some officials of DHS and the CIA, as well as their families, will be provided safe havens in various strategic locations in Colorado, is a matter of public policy. Most informed people know about the underground structures that lie beneath Denver International Airport, from which the underground railroad leading to the underground facility NORAD, Fort Carson, Peterson Air Base under a mountain of Cheyenne. These buildings are part of the continuity of government, developed by the U.S. government in the early days of the Cold War.

However, these structures are increasingly turning to the planned place of refuge for many of the living in the United States the world’s elite at a time when the earth begins hell. Evacuation of the elite in safe havens was fulfilled in September 2011 during the exercise EBM, known as Operation Mountain Guardian when Denver airport was closed to commercial flights, except in special, not received the designation of aircraft, landing which was resolved in preparation for some provided disaster scenario. The above event is not interesting, because it is reported in the mainstream media. However, it is worthy of public interest in the event is only because the CIA did not accidentally move their main data storage in underground buildings Denver International Airport.

The consequences for the people living in the Washington metropolitan area and next to it should be obvious. The planned tie-up capital of the state is becoming more pronounced. If I lived in this area, in the very near future would look for a new residence. The above information is public. The information that will be discussed below, had not spread, but it is most relevant to what awaits us.

Moving former CIA and DHS
Very pertinent to note that in parallel with the Colorado to the conversion to the new capital retired DHS employees and the CIA, not part of the privileged elite, but aware of what is happening, to equip their own enclaves in the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver and Colorado Springs. As I described above, these objects are cheap imitation buildings Denver International Airport. This is mainly cover natural origin, but they are very well equipped, including a closed system of air. The source of this information for me is a former insider DHS. This is the same media service information that is revealed to me in the middle of 2008, the presence of the split between the old guardians of the New World Order and energetic new rich from the same group. Then the information provided to them proved to be extremely reliable, and I think that this information is also credible.

Moving employees UNB
Recently retired NSA employees moved to the Ozark region (limestone plateau in the central U.S., approx.), Where they have access to underground safety zone, which is transformed into autonomous protective minigorodki. Their characteristics, and typically include 10.5 acres per family, a system of drinking water, the villagers are armed to the teeth, have alternative communication, which are independent of the main power system, and caches in the years ahead. My source – the person who left the NSA for nearly two years ago. His decision to participate in the move was the result of the inevitable re-election of President Obama, which he said will speed up the arrival of what needs to happen, because the Obama administration fully supported the destruction of America.

Moving former employees of FEMA
recently retired FEMA officials moved into the mountains of North Carolina. Their enclave provided similar resources, including air, water, food and weapons. These enclaves also include underground structures, which are equipped with almost everything you need and can take on the task of isolating the occupants from the outside world. From the data I have two sources: a family member and a retired employee of FEMA, who decided not to participate in the resettlement. He did not try to get into the shelter with these groups because feels that some of these enclaves will be targeted for destruction because of the awareness of their residents, and the dead do not talk. This is meaningless, since it will allow the elite that survived the coming cataclysms, to rewrite history in their own way without any conflict with other initiates, knowing what really happened. Former federal managers and Wall Street are hiding in holes

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