The U.S. military announced orbital data “Yamal-402” and “Breeze-M”

10 Dec

Baikonur on Sunday night, are in elliptical orbits with an apogee (farthest point from the Earth’s orbit) of 18 to 35 thousand kilometers and a perigee (closest point to the Earth’s orbit) from 500 to 3 thousand miles.

Carrier rocket “Proton-M” with the upper stage “Briz-M” and the communications satellite “Yamal-402” was launched on Saturday night from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Rocket worked normally, but the satellite separated from the upper stage for 4 minutes ahead of schedule and was an unplanned orbit.

Satellite “Yamal-402” created by the order of “Gazprom – Space Systems”, should take into geostationary orbit (up 35.79 thousand kilometers) at 55 degrees East.

According to the U.S. Strategic Command, now in orbit three objects placed in space before. They were designated 12070A, 12070B, 12070C. One can assume that these facilities – satellite “Yamal-402” booster “Briz-M” and fuel drop tank booster.

Site B is located on the lower orbit of all – the height of the perigee, as of 10.10 MSK, was 508.3 km, apogee – 18.06 thousand kilometers. The orbit of A above. As of 14.59 MSK, the perigee of its orbit was 3.07 thousand kilometers, and is close to the apogee altitude geostationary – 35.672 thousand kilometers.

The orbit of the object C is about the same – perigee, as of 15.07 MSK, was 3.04 thousand kilometers and apogee – 35.68 thousand kilometers.

As previously reported, on Monday night at the Russian space industry experts intend to include engines “Yamal-402” to the target orbit.

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