The Nightmare Before Christmas

27 Dec

U.S. hit tornadoesUnited States have fallen snow storms and 15 tornadoes, over some areas was freezing rain. As a result, more than 100,000 people were left without electricity, have killed and wounded.

Emergency walked through the vast territory from Texas to Alabama, but they suffered most of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, reports the channel ABC.

Several people were injured, Reuters reports two disaster victims, Associated Press – about three. Severed power lines, felled trees, damaged houses. In addition, a tornado caused many accidents: in the state of Oklahoma ran 21 vehicles. At airports, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and other cities had to cancel more than 200 flights.

“This is a real nightmare before Christmas. Blanket of snow covered the area from central New York to northern California,” – quoted the “Kommersant” correspondent channel.

In Mobile Alabama location tornado touching the ground, as conveyed by witnesses, was seen in the local business center, said RBC. According to the Associated Press, only in Mobile world lost about 19,000 people across the state put the number at more than 23 thousand. In addition to private homes, damaged, in particular, several churches and the school.

Tornado eyewitness said that at the time of the disaster was in her apartment and heard a strong buzz, like the sound of an airplane flying very close. Then the door swung open, and he saw that formed around the solid debris. She comes from a hospital in the city also remained without power, of the patients, fortunately, nobody was hurt. Currently involved standby generator, it can hold the hospital for about two weeks. Power hopes to restore city services during the day.

Snow storms that have passed in eight states, were not much better than a tornado. In Oklahoma, fell about seventeen inches of snow, which greatly aggravated the situation on the roads and places paralyzed traffic. In Arkansas, freezing rain caused trees and branches falling on electrical wires and left without electricity for more than 50 thousand people.

One of the victims lived in Houston, the capital of Texas. According to witnesses, he was trying to move a tree that blocked traffic on the highway when it fell a second tree, a young man has died in hospital. 28-year old resident of Woodward County, Oklahoma was killed in a road accident in difficult conditions snowy highway, according to CNN.

According to a National Weather Service Chris Vekkaro, like last time the disaster accounted for Christmas in 2009, when the country hit 22 tornado. The most tragic was Christmas 1982, when a 29 tornado that passed over five states, killing three and injuring 32 people.

Forecasters predict that the winter storms and blizzards will continue in the southern regions of the U.S. for a few more days.

U.S. President Barack Obama to meet Christmas, as usual, with his family in Hawaii and is currently still in the islands, but plans to return to Washington on Thursday to continue to address budgetary issues of the country.

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