The date of the end of the world- 21 th and 23 th December

21 Dec

the end of all lifesScientists found that the actual Mayan calendar ended with a 21 and 23 December 2012. Just later that date was moved to the winter solstice for the convenience of astronomical calculations.
The researchers also refuted the popular theory that the end of the Mayan calendar means the death of all life on Earth. “Moreover, do nothing at all about the Mayan end of the world did not say,” – says Galina Yershova, Professor, Russian State University for the Humanities and the President of the Russian-Guatemalan Maya Center for Research Yuri Knorozov.

Note that it is Yu.Knorozov, a student who is G.Ershova, and deciphered the writings of the Maya. The scientist, who died in 1999., Made a unique discovery in the middle of the last century.

His knowledge is useful in deciphering “fatal” Mayan calendar. “That’s the Mayan calendar found in the 50-ies. On a narrow panel of small town high Tortuguero in Tabasco (Mexico. – Note. RBC), and studied in the 70’s. Past century,” – said G.Ershova.

“Part of the monument had been stolen and moved to the United States. Inscription panel consists of continuous dates – this is the calendar. Judging from other Maya texts, in these places there is a good astronomical priestly school. Calendar describes 13 major cycles and ends with the end of the 13th cycle “- explained the professor.

The end of the calendar has about 21 December, give or take a day or two. Mayan astronomers it was just a transition point of the vernal equinox in the constellation of the Jaguar in the constellation of the Monkey, explains the researcher.

Even now like to write about the descent of the terrible god Bolon Yokte and astronomers Maya is just the planet Mars, which will begin on December 24 reverse movement. Actually the Mayan calendar came before the Maya. Because their civilization – the successor to the older civilizations of Mesoamerica. Second and the first millennium BC there was the Olmec civilization – and they developed this calendar. It starts from August 3114g. BC “- shared knowledge G.Ershova.

Go to that date on the mathematical reasons, so all the numbers together and turned round. To start the Jaguar era, roughly coinciding with the beginning of our era, we had to figure Everybody loves these anniversaries,” – she explained.

The whole Mayan calendar is based on the number 13, and the cycles themselves, the last of which is from 3114g. BC to 2012., too, there are 13. The end of the calendar, scheduled for the days of the winter solstice in December, was recorded figure

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