Scientists discovered a new magnetism

Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found in practice is a new type of magnetism that existed before only in theory. Generally magnetism known to all the people from childhood. Ordinary magnet or compass – are manifestations of so-called ferromagnetism. Less well known form of magnetism, ant ferromagnetism is used in magnetic hard disk platters and… Read more Scientists discovered a new magnetism

Star wound Earth

Geological history has been marked by a relatively short but extremely powerful disaster. Paleontologists have found that 247, 220 and 65 million years ago the planet killed almost all life. It is interesting to note that the disaster fell upon the earth at regular intervals of about 26-28 million years. Between stone showers – 28… Read more Star wound Earth

Human evolution ancestors associated with abrupt change of climate

About two million years ago in what is Olduvai Gorge dramatically changed climate: drought alternated with wet periods. The researchers suggest that this may have influenced the evolution of human ancestors. Scientists examined sediments that formed in a long time in the lakes of Olduvai Gorge. Tracked how changes in sediment over time the composition… Read more Human evolution ancestors associated with abrupt change of climate

The Nightmare Before Christmas

United States have fallen snow storms and 15 tornadoes, over some areas was freezing rain. As a result, more than 100,000 people were left without electricity, have killed and wounded. Emergency walked through the vast territory from Texas to Alabama, but they suffered most of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, reports the channel ABC.

The asteroid would hit Earth

Scientists predict that in 10 years the planet asteroid will fly, and a new Ice Age will be on Earth in 18,000 years. New ice age on Earth will be, but not soon, said Professor, State Hydro meteorological University Valery Malinin. It will happen in 18,000 years. Earth moving toward the ice cooling.